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Brain Culbertson


Together Tonight by Mr. Culbertson is a very smooth jazz sound. It has a slow piano sound that will carry you into the night.

Dreaming Kinda Love

Dreaming Kinda Love is a cool smooth jazz happy love song. Instruments used in the song, a bass, piano, drum, and an electric guitar.

It’s Cool Girl

“It’s Cool Girl” is a pop jazz song with a bass, two electric guitars, a piano, and drums. It is a cool jazzy pop song with chords, melody, and style arranged, composed, and produced by J Easy Weaver, Jerome Weaver.

Soul Soothing Music


There are times when you need to take a break from everyday work like doing the yard, cleaning, shopping, and playing golf. Just sit back and listen to some smooth jazz music.

Thoughts of The Lonely One

Thoughts of The Lonely One track is a jazz funk with a tenor sax being backed by a rhythm section of electric piano, bass, and drum.

New Releases

A new album called “East Street” will be released soon. This album is a smooth type of jazz that is suitable for different occasions.

If you haven’t heard my previous releases “Cooling Water, Just Me, Black Coffee Brand New Day,” you are invited to go to, listen and purchase now!

Jazz Music Has A Purpose

The purpose of listening to music is to hear everything that involves the song.

Music That Has A Unique Sound

While I am sitting in my vehicle listening to “Music For Lovers” on the “Just Me Album,” I can hear a unique sound. Each time I delay hearing it for a while and playing it again I hear something different.