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J Easy Weaver BIO

Composer Jerome Weaver is an Indie music maker, he likes traveling the Caribbean’s Sea’s in search of creativities and is passionately committed to enjoying life in a conservative manner. He is entirely too enthusiastic about Jazz, Blues, Pop, R&B music. Jazz music has a soothing feeling that relaxes the mind, body, and soul. He loves creating and composing music in his home studio and while traveling. When he is not doing those things, he golf, and study the bible for understanding God, himself, and others.

When I listen to my jazz music, it reminds me of the creator Jesus Christ who gave such abilities to humanity, to be creative in this manner. J “Easy” Weaver music eases my mind, relaxes my feeling, makes me forget my reservations, calms my soul, and sound like love. I thank God for the many active listener’s feedback of this genre of music style.

“You will feel better,” Ancients believed that music warded off evil spirits.

His formal music education began in middle school at Quincy Middle in Quincy, Florida.  Since those days, he’s added studying chords and working with various DAW’s to produce music. Because of his medical disability, he uses a digital software for backing tracks and plays percussive instruments in his compositions.

A variety of sources inspires him, but most particularly composers like George Benson, Bill Withers, and Lee Ritenour. And, he has been blessed enough to work with Presonus Studio One, Ableton Live, Falcon, and Band-In-A-Box, recording distributed exclusively through CDBaby.

Meet the Team

Jacqueline K. Weaver

Owner & Manager


Jerome Weaver

Artist, Singer & Producer